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carlton23 | 13:50 Mon 27th Aug 2012 | Technology
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Last evening whilst watching TV, a very loud Boooom was emitted from somewhere which shook my house, and which made my O/H and I think a bomb or cannon had fired outside in my garden. This same thing has occurred twice before in the last two years and the only thing I can think of that causes it is our `Blue-Ray` Player.
What is your opinion please? TIA.


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Do you live in St Osyth?
Question Author
Ahh so....No
Where do you live ? any military air bases nearby ?
presumably your blue ray player is indoors? so if you heard a boom and it was outside, why not ask the neighbours?
carlton, do you live anywhere near a military airbase ?.
No, it just you tummy rumbling with hunger. You should try to eat proper meals.
Could it have been lightning grounding? It makes a heck of a boom if it grounds nearby.
Cornwall? The Navy were shelling today off in the Fal.....
Could it have been a sonic boom caused by a military aircraft exceeding the sound barrier?
still don't get what it's got to do with the blu ray player
Did you fart?
My first thought was 'Sonic Boom', though I'd never heard one before.
Oddly enough, though, I was outside at 23:15 this evening and heard a loud echoing double-boom, which faded into a low rumble and died away. Never heard this sort of noise before, and I wonder if it was also one.
I was watching something going west to east high up (roughly mid-Wales).
Some Blue Ray Player you have if it shakes the house.

Sonic Boom or nearby Lightning Strike are the most possible explanations.

Do as em10 has suggested..... "if you heard a boom and it was outside, why not ask the neighbours?"

someone one my facebook reported a similar experience in coalville - Leics some nights back .... Atmospheric i would imagine ..?
I also heard a similar loud boom whilst on holiday near Sutton on Sea Lincs a few nights ago ..........
It turns out that the bang I heard last night was a meteor exploding over Cwmbran (SE Wales).

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Loud Boom

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