Is this normal?

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ayabrea38 | 13:22 Mon 27th Aug 2012 | Technology
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OH was sorting photos from camera to USB using,in his words the normal windows programe.There where a few photos,maybe a couple of hundred,but all the time he was doing it he complained that the computer was so slow,taking ages to open them.I don't think our PC is that bad at most things and I try to keep it clean,de-fragging,scanning with anti virus,anti malware and AVG clean-up.Running windows 7,a 2.5 ghz Intel Celeron processor,1Gb RAM,120Gb Hard drive that is not even half full.Should he try using a photo sorting programe,or any ideas as to why it can be so slow?
Any advice appreciated


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how big were the picture files? Hi res pictures can take a while to process and I Gb of ram isn't a laptop has 4
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That sounds like the problem,they where not HD(he cannot remember the resolution)but not the worst either.
I suppose we are going to have to bit the bullet and get more RAM,it was a pre built OEM and we have never had the guts to open it before.I think it has DDR2,how can I be sure(cannot remember how I found out last time,is it on the belac advisor report?)
Thanks woofgang
sorry can't help any more with the techy bit. Mine is a Mac, comes full spec and not upgradable.
The size of the images can definitely be the cause. The higher the resolution the bigger the file would be so transferring it would take much longer.

Also try closing off all programs in the background while you transfer to free up as much memory as possible.
He should have just copied all the photos to a temporary folder on the PC, and then sorted them. Having said that, 1GB RAM is pretty small for running Windows 7, and RAM is soooo cheap.
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I know I need DDR2,but does anything else matter,there seem to be a lot of numbers and different types.I know what hertz(??)it is,400,so do I have to stick to that?
I also remember something about the slots have to be equal,ie 1Gb in one slot and 2 Gb in the other would cause problems,is this true?
Thanks all
Loc on to and run the system scanner. It will tell you exactly what your options are.
If he was looking at them straight from the camera then yes, it does slow the process down to the maximum transfer capability of the memory stick in the camera.

Is goes much faster if - as rojash says - all are download to the computer first and then look at hem.
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Thanks rojash,but my computer make(zoostorm)was not on the list.Think I will post a separate question and see what pops up.
Thanks all for answering
"but my computer make(zoostorm)was not on the list"

Did you run the system scanner?
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Thanks,I didn't run the scanner,you know what they say about taking a horse to water......
I think I am sorted now,I just have to decide between a 1Gb upgrade,or go for it and get 4.
Thanks loads

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