(sound) music/tv/radio coming out of laptop and pc for no reason

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what..the? | 23:46 Wed 18th Jul 2012 | Technology
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my boyfriend now has this on his pc in the office and his laptop at home it is when he is in any internet page even just his homepage or email and he will hear all the talking and music and nothing will be open so he can't figure out where it is coming from, its almost sounds like someone flicking through channels on a tv or iplayer or something as it will have adverts and small snippets of programs. No one should be sharing our broadband at either location so were lost????

Any ideas please as its kind of annoying and like '?????' when it happens, thanks


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Possibly not in this case, but there are an increasing number of adverts that play music if you so much as move the cursor over them.
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(sound) music/tv/radio coming out of laptop and pc for no reason

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