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stoofur | 08:16 Sun 17th Jun 2012 | Technology
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Hello everyone.

Is there a way of viewing questions that I have asked or answered in the order that somebody last answered? I looked though some of my older questions the other day and found out that some people had answered long after the question dropped off the bottom of my page. It would be nice to have had that question return to the top of the list because somebody had answered it more recently.

I know that you can subscribe to questions but i don't want to receive emails every time somebody answers.


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No, I don't think there is - subscription tends to be the only way, IMO.
I've often thought that, stoofur. I, too, will be interested in the replies to this.
This would make a good suggestion for Ed.
Have you tried looking at your profile (top left) which lists all your questions?
I used to belong to a computer forum which always put the correspondence entries in the date order of the last reply so that an answer to an old question always re-appeared at the top. It worked very well.
Question Author
How do I get the Ed to see this?
if you just want to see answers a while after the question was asked, why not wait a few days before subscribing to them?
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I did get some feedback from Ab Editor. I have to admit, I have one of those lists from Mrs Stoofur.
"How do I get the Ed to see this?"

Put a post in suggestions suggesting you'd like this facility.
Question Author
Thanks Chuck, I did and it worked.

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