Problems videoing after digital switchover

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Anngel123 | 17:09 Sun 29th Apr 2012 | Technology
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I hope no-one else has asked this question. I did search... Anyway, we have a non-digital tv, with a Freeview box. Our DVD recorder is digital enabled. We expected, after switchover, that the video recorder would recognise the new stations. We were informed by a man in Comet this morning that because the TV itself is not digital we will not be able to record. IS this so? If not, could someone point me in the right direction for how to get round this. We have tried re-routing all the wires and doing the standard search.


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He's talking rubbish, I am sure.
What make and model is the dvd recorder?
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Samsung HR730 DVD recorder, Daewoo Freeview box. Panasonic TX21S1T/BH television. Thank you so much for your help, hc.
Having just looked at the specs, it has no inbuilt tuner of it's own, so it cannot receive digital broadcasts at all.

Even if your TV was digital it sounds to me like you would actually need to watch (or have the tv on) to be able to record something.

Invest in a twin tuner PVR is my advice
We have a humax twin tuner with hard-drive which so far has been brilliant. You can record 2 different programmes and also watch another. Would recommend.
It has got an analogue tuner (the specs on Amazon is wrong) but it hasn't got a digital tuner.
I'm not sure why you think it has.

Anyway, it will make it awkward to record and you will only be able to record with the Freeview box on and set to the channel you want to record to.

Time to buy a new recorder or PVR.
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Oh, so he wasn't talking rubbish then. My faith in human nature is restored. Many thanks for all this help. Will have to grit my teeth and buy a new TV. Darn.
You don't need a new tv - you need a new recorder!

I thought he was talking rubbish because you said your dvd recorder is digital, and it isn't.

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Problems videoing after digital switchover

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