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Bettypat | 09:53 Fri 27th Apr 2012 | Technology
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My mobile phone is displaying "emergency call only" I have plenty of credit do you know what I can do. Many thanks.


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Move to a location where you get a signal from your network provider.
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Thank you chuck fickens but I am in a place where I get a signal from my provider. I am at home and it has always worked before.
turn it off and on again
Turn it off and on again.
Take the sim card out and clean the contacts.
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"clean the contacts."

What all of them? I have about 100 contacts on my sim :)
Made me laugh anyway.
^ and 99 of those are chatline numbers :P
yeh take out ya sim then replace it
with the same sim i mean
you service provider made some restrictions for your acc. Check there office.
"When I was in hospital last week, my phone displayed "hospital"! How did it know?"
It probably detected the smell of urine, vomit, and disinfectant.
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Thank you all very much for your replies - I had already done all of those things and have repeated them again but still no joy. I will have to go into town and take it to the Orange shop if it ever stops raining! Perhaps I need a new phone it is about three years old.
Three years old? Brand new as far as I'm concerned.

It's probably the sim card at fault.
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Thank you for your replies, I have now sorted the problem out. I had tried to do it on the 'phone with Orange but was told to take it to the Orange shop which I did. They said it was the sim card and put in a new one and said it could take 24 hours. This did not work so I rang Orange again and this time I was lucky and got a fantastic guy called Daniel who went through everything with me on my phone and it was a connectivity problem. I just had to change the setting to the correct Orange network.
Thank you all for your help.

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