Tuning new LCD TV...?

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has | 18:37 Thu 12th Apr 2012 | Technology
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This maybe a very basic question to many people, however, I am stumped & obviously doing something wrong.

I have a new Toshiba TV & I have followed the manual (which is very basic) for tuning purposes. However, when DTV is selected (presumably this stands for Digital TV?), I can only get BBC1 & BBC2 from the terrestrial channel list. I cannot seem to tune ITV, C4 & C5.
I know that switch over is imminent so I understand that retuning is needed before specific dates but after re-tuning several times, I still cannot get these 3 channels. (I am picking up now freeview channels, but this seems to change everytime I re-tune).

Just wonder if I am doing something totally wrong, because I'm sure other people do not have this grief?

Any help is appreciated...


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Is the TV plugged into a good quality outdoor aerial?

And where in the UK are you based?
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Yes the aerial is ok, I think. Well, when the channels are not pixilating, they are perfectly watchable.
I am in South East England. (When I input my postcode into the digital switchover website, it says I'm receiving a signal from Crystal Palace transmitter, however I have always got a Meridian signal, which is in Kent?)
But I just really what to know if I'm doing something fundimentally wrong with tuning as it won't pick up ITV, C4 or C5.
You've described a classic symptom of insufficient signal strength. The reason that only some channels are missing (while others display normally) is explained n my post here:

That post also tells you how to fix the problem.

The first part of the switchover at the Crystal Palace transmitter was on 4th April, with the 2nd part due next Wednesday, but the Meridian transmitter is not being changed until later this year.

As you signals appear to come from both transmitters, I would think that you must live near to the Medway area and are receiving, or not as the case may be, just the strongest signals. Perhaps your aerial need re-alignment either towards Crystal Palace or the Meridian transmitter, to pick up the best signal from the one source.
I keyed in channel 69, 70 etc on the tv remote & found the channels, which had to be re-numbered 1 - 5 on the remote.

The freeview new channels are mostly on different numbers. I haven't changed aerials.

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Tuning new LCD TV...?

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