TV Aerial on Roof

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rov1100 | 17:42 Thu 05th Apr 2012 | Technology
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This was put up originally for analog signals. Now we have all gone digital would it be better to exchange it for a digital ariel? What is the difference between the two on sight. I know one uses amplitude and the other frequency modulation.


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Maybe I should have added its for the freeview box.
There is no such thing as a digital aerial, if you have a good signal from your existing aerial you will be OK?
All you need to know, straight from the horse's mouth:

In fact I get annoyed when I see vans from aerial companies driving round offering their services and on the side of the van they say "Digital aerials".

As has been said, there is no such thing as a digital aerial and all aerials can pick up both analogue and digital signals.
I'm with VHG on this one.
As others have said, there is no such thing as a 'digital aerial'. If your digital signal is coming from the same transmitter as the old analogue ones you should not have a problem. If the signal is from somewhere else you will probably need to realign your existing aerial.
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Thanks. Maybe some company's should be had up for it. The amount of advertising for digital aerials is immense.

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TV Aerial on Roof

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