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what..the? | 00:22 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | Technology
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I will in a poor signal area, I get a one bar signal in some areas of the house. I have heard of such booster devices on other networks, some kind of aerial?? are there such things and can i get one for the virgin network?? when I google lots come up but I don't know if they are a scam? Thanks


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Boosters are illegal. Don't touch them!

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thanks for the heads up Chris :)
Having read the OP I thought this would have to be some kind of repeater and thus a bit dodgy. Have to say I've learnt something, I hadn't realised they were available ! Cheers, Chris.
Boosters can be legal, but only if they are CE marked and supplied by the licence holder for that frequency (ie the mobile network operator)


So, contact your network and see if they can help.
It does occur to me, that, if you are always at home when the problem occurs, and you have a fixed line, can't you set the phone to forward to the fixed line when the mobile is unavailable ? Unsure if you have the option on all priceplans, but it may be worth checking. Then you can turn the mobile off when at home and still get the calls. Just remember to turn it on again as you leave the house.
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i have found a home phone that has a bluetooth link within so if your mobile has bluetooth you can place it in an area of the house that gets mobile signal and then instead the calls are forwarded to the landline via blutooth on a different ringtone so you know its a mobile call through the landline. Unfortunately I have even more interest in a different system - set of 4 house phones that link wireless to an outdoor intercom so i can put a gate up at the entrance to my garden with post box and this intercom and then I won't have people wandering round my garden, which can happen where I live. If people press the intercom any of the 4 house phones ring on a different ring tone to tell me someone is at the gate and I can speak to them over the house phone. Unfortunately i can't see a way of having both systems I do have two bt boxes for the same landline number but I don't know what would happen if I plugged both systems in, it would be costly to try, so it will have to be intercom

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virgin mobile signal booster

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