Update to yesterdays post - Urgent laptop help needed.

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Smowball | 16:11 Wed 29th Feb 2012 | Technology
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Ok, did full scan on laptop and came back as no viruses, no hardware prob, all clear. Still froze as soon as switched on. So finally restored laptop back to factory settings and now works just fine - for now!

My Q is, how do I know what was wrong with it?? it didnt have any programmes installed that were then removed - my son had only had it back 2 weeks and so hadnt put anything on it. Am baffled!!


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Has your son been attempting to do anything foolish like overclocking it?
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overclocking? whats that?
"my son had only had it back 2 weeks and so hadnt put anything on it"

Most of the kids I know can fill a computer with junk, viruses, unwanted add-ons, etc. in about 20 minutes.
As you had to restore the lappy to factry settings, this suggests that the downloaded applications & user files were the source of the problem. But wait and see how long before it falls back to it's latest problem situation.
Overclocking means using software to force certain components to work faster than they are originally designed to do. If done very carefully, this can result in a slightly faster computer but the downside is that you my experience more crashes / freezes. I'm not saying your son has done this – only that it would be one explanation as overclocking crashes are almost indistinguishable from genuine hardware faults.

Glad to hear that it's up and running again.

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Update to yesterdays post - Urgent laptop help needed.

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