Wireless enabled ???

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Snowyboy | 21:53 Tue 21st Feb 2012 | Technology
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I am trying to set up my computer to run wireless with a BT Home Hub3 without much success.I am not very technically minded but have been into the device manager and under Network adapters it reads :-INTEL [R] PRO/100 VE
Network connection...... Does this mean my wireless connection is ENABLED or do i have to buy a usb wireless adapter to run it? Many thanks to anyone that can help me.


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You need a wireless card.... although...

For gawd sake please avoid wireless and use other way of networking a desktop PC, just run a cable to it. Your not likely to want to walk about the house with a desktop, so why do you need wireless?

And if you really have to go wireless on a desktop get a PCI (internal) card with an antenna on a wire..
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Thanks Chuck for your advice, but what I forgot to mention my other have wants to be running her wireless laptop downstairs.
I'd say it merely means that the computer recognises that the device is connected.

Now you need to get the device to connect to the internet.
This may help you somewhat, and yes, by all means stick to the wired option if you can.
Go to your start menu (the windows logo at the bottom left of the screen) and click on "Control Panel." Look up "Network and internet" then click onto "View network status and tasks." You should all the info you need!

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Wireless enabled ???

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