Blackberry curve driving me mad!!

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alperchino | 19:05 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Technology
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I have a blackberry curve and the "text message" icon has disappeared from the main screen and even in the drop down when it shows all the icons I can't seem to get it back driving me nuts!! Someone please tell me how To get it back thanks Al x


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I Reset Theme Defaults and then rebooted my blackberry. solved mine!!!
Hold down the blackberry key for a few seconds
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Not to sound thick but where are blackberry defaults?
I had a Blackberry curve and they ain't all what people make them out to be. It take's half an hour just to compose a basic text message! Gone back to good old Nokia!
Worse comes to worst try reinstalling software - I had to do that when my facebook icon went. BTW, it didn't act like a factory reset cos it retained stuff.
Don't know what was wrong with your BlackBerry, Ravid, but that is not my experience at all. On my third BB and loving them.

alperchino, have you held down the BB home key for a few seconds?

Have you installed a new theme?
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Done both things hc and no look :(
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Rang orange in end, iPhones much easier!!!

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Blackberry curve driving me mad!!

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