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Coldicote | 19:57 Mon 06th Feb 2012 | Technology
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The digital switchover happens here in 3 months time and I'm thinking of buying a set top box for my small bedroom TV. Catalogues I've looked at advertise 'Half price scart cable when bought with this set top box.' I'm puzzled. If I buy a set top box shouldn't it have the necessary cable(s) included?


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Some may but I suspect many won't. Even if there is a cable it may not be the correct length you need.
The price of the box is kept low by not including scarts. And don't let the "offer" sway you- they can be bought cheaply most places, even Asda and Tesco.
just buy a box from asda ready to plug and play.
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Thank you all. It seems so complicated when you're not sure what to do.
If you're buying a replacement box for one that is broken you'd be pretty pi55ed off if it came with a heap of cables that you didn't need, and you would have paid for them through an inflated purchase price for the box if it came with cables included. If you are buying a box for the first time or need additional cables these can be picked up cheaply enough.
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Good point SpikeyBush thank you. I hadn't realised that there was an option about buying cables separately or included.
Just a thought...
Does your bedroom TV actually have a scart socket? I only ask because I have an ancient bedroom TV without one and I had to get a special freeview box with a built-in modulator. It was a bit of a faff setting it up but having said that the picture is now the best in the house. I can post details of the box on here if you wish.
Many of us have spare scart leads knocking around in the back of the garage.

Ask around your family and friends and see if anyone has one they are not using.
You should also give some consideration to the aerial. So I understand, once digital switchover is completed, the signal strength is "upped" and in theory just because you couldn't recieve digital before you should after.

However I am in a switched area, I'm 20 miles from the transmitter, my bedroom is directly facing that direction, and having tried 3 aerials which all promised good reception, my tv is useless as a tv. Being new, I used itas a PC monitor instead.

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