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hairygrape | 23:18 Wed 25th Jan 2012 | Technology
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I'd like to create a calendar of a specific size (25cm X 18cm) in Publisher 2010.

I'd also like to use one of the calendar templates offered by the program.

The problem I have is that although I can open the template, it sits on an A4 sized background. The "Print" tab shows the dimensions prior to printing.

How can I resize the calendar to the correct size I need? I don't really mind if it sits centred on an A4 sheet as I can always cut it out to the size I require.

I can't seem to find anything where I can enter the size of the calendar I need.

Thank you


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Based upon Publisher 2007 but it should be the same in 2010:

Open your template.
Click 'Calendar Options'
Click 'Change Page Size'
Change the height and width to your desired measurements.
Click 'OK'

You'll now see the A4 size design laid on top of your smaller page. So you need to resize the design, as follows:
Position your mouse cursor beyond the top-left of the design.
Click and drag down to beyond the bottom-right of the design.
(That will select all objects on the page)
Go to the 'Arrange' menu, and click on 'Group.
The design will now be a single object.
Use the 'handles', at the corners, to get the design to fit the page.
Go to the 'Arrange' menu, and click on 'Ungroup'.
Modify the template to meet your needs.

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Many thanks Chris, but I'm afraid that this doesn't work.

Everything is fine until I use the handles at the corners to reduce the size of the publication. What happens is that even though the boxes containing the individual 12 months of the year reduce in size, the numbering within the box loses the format completely, so I end up with a month box that contains only around a dozen dates that are haphazardly arranged within the box. There are also gaps between the numbers. Minor changes to the size of the boxes has a profound effect on the numbering contained therein.

I appreciate that resizing other stuff in Publisher to fit might well work like a charm, but I'm beginning to think that this technique doesn't work with calendar templates.

Thank you for your advice all the same and I'd be grateful if any other method comes to mind.

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