Media Monkey 3.5 and Windows 7

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SevenUp | 13:12 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | Technology
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(I have tried looking on the Media Monkey site but it doesn't tell me!)

I have a "Gold" i.e. paid-for version of Media Monkey version 3.5 on my XP machine. I am upgrading to a Windows 7 64-bit laptop.

Will I be able to instal MM 3.5 on the Windows 7 laptop and use my existing licence key, or will I have to upgrade to the new version of MM (4.x) and then pay a new licence fee?



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Yes, once you upgrade your laptop, go to at click on download tab under get gold click existing gold users. Download once loaded you can enter you serial number to upgrade. Licence is for mediamonkey 3.etc if you have a life time licence like me you will be able to upgrade to mediamonkey 4. etc.

Glad to help !

Nesie TLNM
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Thanks but my question was really about whether I can use my MM 3.5 Instal file under Windows 7 and then I would get full functionality by using my MM 3.5 licence key?

I don't need anf the MM 4.0 enhancements so I don't need to pay any extra as long as MM 3.5 works under Windows 7.
You can you it Sevenup !

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Media Monkey 3.5 and Windows 7

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