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cassa333 | 10:25 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | Technology
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I am not sure if my Kindle is charging or not.

I have it plugged into the computor over night but it doesn't say if it is charging or not? The battery icon at the top (of the Kindle) doesn't change and to me looks empty!!

Does it say charging or the battery 'flash' as it does on my mobile or not?

Thank you.


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When mine's charging, the slidey on switch is orange.
On the bottom edge, next to the sliding on/off switch, is a light.

If the battery is charging it should be yellow. When fully charged it turns green
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Thank you.

And than you for being so prompt :)
... and it will charge quicker if you turn off wifi and/or g3. It will also charge quicker if you plug it into the Kindle adaptor instead of the PC
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it's worth the money to buy a charger for it rather than having to do it through your computer so you can charge it anywhere you like, particularly useful if you're going to take it on holiday.
did you leave yr PC on overnight?
Won't charge unless you did
"Won't charge unless you did"
Actually, many PCs still supply power to the USB ports even when shut down (unless, of course, you actually turn them off with the switch at the back, or at the socket)
mine doesn't =)
or mine
all of mine do...
Laptops tend not to, most desktops these days do.
Nope, it's my desktop and it doesn't - anyway, moot point because yet again the OP hasn't come back to their question *sigh*
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ojread2, I did come back to the question and as the first two posters answered my question very promptly I thanked them then.

Since then the answers have been mostly the same or adding detail about the merit or speed of charging so didn't think I needed to further add!

However thank you for the extra detail.

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Kindler charging q

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