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old-wos-is-name | 21:32 Tue 27th Dec 2011 | Technology
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i was with pipex for phone and internet, they have sent letters saying i am now with talk talk. my speed has dropped from 1.8Mbs to 870kbs. I sent an email, but they sent an email back saying they no longer accepted e-mails at this address, and i should get in touch with talk talk. i can only find an email address for business customers, no residential. any ideas? Just to add a further note, i now have call waiting on my phone, never had it before!!! Also, they sent an email address saying they tried to access my homecall account, but the email address is void???? can I tell them the new e-mail address please.????
If they don't know it, how can i??


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Yes ...
You can contact Talk Talk again and ask them if they have a signed copy of your agreement to new terms, reduced internet speed (probably caused by too high a contention ratio due to them merging, etc)
Go to thinkbroadband and make your new choice! Whatever it is .. try to get away from those idiots.
These are three of the highest rated at the moment ..
Don't relate them to mobile network and service of the same! ..

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pipex,talk talk, car phone warehouse

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