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Iamcazzy | 21:29 Wed 21st Dec 2011 | Technology
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The Home Page on my HTC Sensation was showing the name of a place a few miles from my home address in the weather area below the clock. I had no issue with this as the place was only a couple of miles down the road.

I've recently noticed that the weather now showing is for "United Kingdom" rather than my local location.

Satellite and GPS is enabled on the phone and it seems to be updating stuff regularly yet doesn't seem to realise where I am in the UK.

I've tried adding the location, but there's a list of cities there that doesn't include one near my true location. It also says "not found" if I try to key in the name of the place it previously used.

I've not been able to find the place it formerly used as the location in any of the phone settings. Yet, it did use this place name previously, so I can't understand why it can't find it now.

I think the phone is still updating the location for the weather during vehicle journeys but I'm not 100%. the only other thing that's happened recentli is that I had a message saying Data Roaming had been switched off. Could this affect it?

I would be very grateful for any suggestions. The phone manual hasn't been much use at all.

Thank you.


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They do that! So do Iphones, and windows phones. try turning off assisted GPS and "use wireless networks", then it will report your position based on GPS only.
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Brilliant! Thanks ChuckFickens. It worked like a charm. I'm very grateful!!

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