Email problems tonight - Talktalk

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Ann | 00:26 Tue 29th Nov 2011 | Technology
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Anyone else having probs sending and receiving emails tonight - none since 3pm, keeps asking for new password??? Trying to get the Talktalk team but as usual its like trying to contact the man in the moon!! Been hanging on the phone for absolutely ages and the HOLD music is so loud its unbearable to keep the phone at your ear - TalkTalk must be the worst provider ever but tied up in a contract so can't change!!


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it was not available for a while
its ok now
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No doubt when I do get thro it will be to India - yep it is!!!!
It's been bust for most of the day - the talktalk forum has a long thread of people from all over the UK complaining.
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Good gracious you have to have the patience of a saint to talk to TalkTalk - it was a call centre in India as I predicted! He told me they are currently experiencing technical difficulties with emails for the past 8 hours as technicians "are upgrading systems to make things different!" GRRRR why don't they inform their customers? He told me "don't worry madam all your missed emails will be in your In Box by tomorrow morning" NOT GOOD ENOUGH TALKTALK - what do other TalkTalk customers think?
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Thanks Dave - good to know its not just mine at fault then ........:(
Used to be with TalkTalk. Ditched them for Digiweb. Cheaper, better and local too.

I don't get the urge for a Bhuna when I call Digiweb.

Oh deary deary me
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Just seen the official TalkTalk members forums - as sunny-dave said people are going mad all across the country - think its a major upgrade to their systems but what a time of year to do it!!!!!
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Happened to me yesterday. They drive me mad also. My contract ran out some time ago and they keep trying to get me to renew it, but I am looking for a better provider. Before it ran out they rang me and said they had a cheaper deal as I am a loyal customer. I accepted the offer but refused to renew and since then my bills have been higher. Contacted BT recently and it worked out about £1 month cheaper so am still looking. Wondering about plusnet, anyone have any experience of them?
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Feel free to tweet us @TalkTalkCare where we can provide full support for an issues you encounter. Alternatively if your not on Twitter you can join the TalkTalk Members Forum for online based support.


TalkTalk Online Community Department
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Well Hello Talktalk Online community department how NICE to hear from you!! I didn't realise you looked at AnswerBank! I am SICK SICK SICK of this ongoing problem since Monday 3pm of not being able to retrieve my incoming emails. I'm not on Twitter and I have just registered with TalkTalk members site to go on your forums to "speak" with you - but guess what? I need to activate my registration in the email you have recently sent me - but guess what? I can't get any emails so I can't activate my registration!!!!!! I must have spoken to your technical helpline and customer service over a dozen times in the past 4 days sometimes being on the phone for 40 mins or more - all I'm told is that "the engineers are looking into it" and its a "global problem". I do not know of any of my friends on TalkTalk having these problems so please - what is going on? Can you give me a telephone number in England instead of India to ring where they can sort this out for me and get me online as soon as possible please as I have missed important emails. Many thanks.

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Email problems tonight - Talktalk

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