Making a Google search while on AnswerBank.

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anotheoldgit | 12:43 Fri 04th Nov 2011 | Technology
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If I happen to conduct a Goggle search, while in the process of typing an AnswerBank question or answer, I lose all what I have typed, how can I prevent this from happening?

At the moment I have to open another homepage and then use this for my Google search, and then go back to my AnswerBank page I was first using.


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Open another tab by clicking on the plus next to the AB tab.
Question Author
That's great, never noticed that before.

Thanks again Chuck.
Chuck, I would find tht useul too. Where exactly is the + sign please?
sorry, dirty keyboard again. I meant 'that useful'.
Type into a text editor first, then transfer it to the AB post box when you are happy with it.

Or if you must, put it all in the paste buffer until you've finished your web search. Copy it back again afterwards.
Thanks OG - I usually check before I post and amend then, as I type fairly quickly.
IE doesn't have a + sign but it has a square tab to the right you can click. Or FILE/NEW TAB, or Ctrl+T.
You could also press CTRL+T
or minimize your AB web page and re-open your internet thingy. (That's the limit of my knowledge)
If there is no + sign, just a little blue box, click on that to open another tab.
Hmm. In the past I've done what you suggest, Alba, but this seemed to be showing a quicker way. I have no + sign or blue square, but I have now noticed a blank bar saying Google....that will save time in future!
(I guess the + was for those enlightened beings who use Firefox).
Sorry OG. I just realised that you were answering th original post, not my additional one. And apologies to AOG for hi-jacking your thread, though my question was linked to it.
can't find + sign or little blue square!
have got it now - sorry
I have a little + and I do not use FF - google chrome for me
Ohhhhhh yes ... ; )
There you are, you see, Albags, we get there in the end! To be fair, we might have different areas of expertise from yours, and would hope to be able to help you too in words of one syllable.....
Question Author

No need to apologise, that's what it is all about, one query sets others off.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in.
You can have two separate AB pages open at the same time which is what I do with my verse to capture who has contributed to the thread being "put into AB poetry" - even got you in somewhere, AOG, on Mamya's thread and I think venator's fun Apotheosis page.....

Also useful if you want to avoid bouncing back and forth
AOG, write your question or answer in a Word document, then copy and paste it into AB. I learnt to do that after losing a number of lengthy answers.
Question Author

Yes I have also done that at times, perhaps I must learn to get back in the habit.

open a new tab if you want to visit a different site whilst keeping your current page

and also if you right click on a link you should get the option to open that link in a new tab rather than have it replace your current page

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Making a Google search while on AnswerBank.

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