Transferring Music Files-Help Needed!

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sophie_1003 | 16:44 Fri 28th Oct 2011 | Technology
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I am trying to transfer some music (MP3 and wav files) from my laptop to the desktop computer; I don't have a USB to USB cable or any CD-Rs; just DVD-Rs an a selection of other cables. What would be the easiest way to go about the task? TIA


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What operating system have you got on each?
Is your laptop wifi?
Is your desktop connected to the internet?
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Windows Vista on the laptop which is wifi and Windows XP on the desktop which is connected to the internet.
Follow these instructions to create a workgroup first of all.
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Ta; but I'm stuck already! I've got up to step 4 and there isn't a 'Member of' bit; just the computer name then 'Workgroup' under which there is a text bar that also says Workgroup; have I already created one inadvertently?
Just make sure both pcs have the same workgroup name and different pc names. eg Desktop and Laptop
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Ah; ok ta!
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Ok; done that!
if you can record on to the dvd-r then just do that in machine 1 then put dvd into machine 2 and copy them to the hard drive.

job done no faffing about with cables and trying to get vista and XP to network
i should have said copy instead of record.

copy the music files to the dvd-r
I think bazwillrun is right much less hassle but don't forget to copy them as "files" as opposed to trying to burn them as a music disk.
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Ok; thanks all; have managed to get to my laptop through the desktop but it displays a message saying 'you must be allowed access' I've allowed it but it doesn't seem to have made a difference so will probably use the DVD-r option!
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Still need help! Have successfully copied the files to the DVD-R and it plays on the desktop but I don't know how to copy the files so that they can be played without the disc in the machine; tried just dragging them over to WIndows Media Player but they wouldn't play when I ejected the disc?
they wont play if you havent copied them to the computer and the DVD is taken out.

make a folder on your desktop and drag the song files to it.
then try and play them with WMP.
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Thank you! Has only taken 3 hours to get it sorted; would have been easier to go and buy a CD-R; know for next time though!

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Transferring Music Files-Help Needed!

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