Best wireless internet dongle????

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j0nb0y | 18:52 Wed 26th Oct 2011 | Technology
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I am looking at buying a wireless internet dongle, any ideas which ones are the best for value/coverage?

one Ihave looked at says 'unlimited access at wi-fi zone hotspots',
how do these work??

any advice would be much appreciated.


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It really depends where you live and which signal is strongest. I have a t-mobile dongle for work which is fine where I live, but useless in the office because there's a poor signal there - my colleague is with vodaphone and seems to get a poor signal most of the time. Worth finding out which signal is strongest in the area where you intend to use it. IMO.
don't get a dongle! i had one and price varied from 17 to 110 pound one month!! it was ridiculous, if you go over your limit you get charged loads
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According to Which? the best wireless broadband is Virgin Media, followed by BT then O2.
Ignore the 'unlimited access at wifi zones'. If your laptop is wifi enabled you can use that instead of the broadband dongle.

I have a 3 dongle on pay as you go as I only use it when away from home. No problems at all and impossible to rack up a huge bill.

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Best wireless internet dongle????

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