Recording voice on android / playing back on ipod

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Oneeyedvic | 17:27 Wed 26th Oct 2011 | Technology
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I am learning some lines and want to record them using my android phone (Samsung galaxy) and then play them back on both the galaxy (when in the car) and on an iPod nano when running.

Any advice on which app is best?


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Depends what format the phone saves the recordings in. If it's something like mp3 that itunes can understand then it should be a doddle. If the format is not compatible then I would recommend getting a sound recorder from the Android Market that records in mp3. I've not tried myself but a quick search for "voice reecorder mp3" in the market shows a number of free apps.

Once you have your lines recorded as mp3 files you can import them into itunes and your ipod as you would for any music files.
I use an Android voice recorder app called Virtual Recorder (by andro iX) which works brilliantly on my Xperia. It records as .pcm files, which won't play back on your iPod, but if you just type 'pcm to mp3 converter' into Google there's loads of free programmes that will convert it quickly.

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Recording voice on android / playing back on ipod

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