Need to add memory to laptop

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Louise07 | 09:37 Wed 26th Oct 2011 | Technology
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Hi, my laptop is running out of space, currently I only really use it for putting music / apps on ipods via itunes. Unless I delete some music I dont want, the laptop wont let me add anymore music. So my question is what do I need to buy to store music files on, to be able to add onto itunes? Flash drive / hard disk drive? I dont know anything about any of these such as what brand, what storage capacity would be sufficient to store lots of music files, so as much advice as possibile would be great! Also can anyone recommend a specific flash drive / hard disk drive? Would hard disk drive be better for what I require or vice versa? Thanks


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Sounds like you need disk space, not memory.

Any external drive would help you out. You could even burn the music files to a CD or DVD.

Personally I'd not risk anything not backed up to a pendrive. Had too many develop problems for that.

Go check the stored / websites for external hard drives. Get the largest you can afford.
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Cheers, I have found one on Amazon, would something like this be sufficient?
500 Gb should be ample. You could store about 50,000 albums on that.
Almost crertainly your laptop will have a USB port, but do check.
That disk should be fine, but check reviews and prices before commiting. 13% of Amazon customer reviews gave 2 stars or less. But most were happy.
I agree with both the above comments. Most of the well known brands (Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung to name a few) will have similar size drives for similar prices.

The only thing I would add is that you need to back up your music files to DVD on a regular basis as well, just in case!!

Flash/Pen/Stick drives aren't suitable because they are too small (physically) easily lost, and seem to fail regularly. The capacities are quite small as well

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Need to add memory to laptop

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