Modem and Reuter.

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chinadog | 15:50 Sun 09th Oct 2011 | Technology
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These are in my front bedroom but I want them removed to the back bedroom. I rang Virgin Media just now and they can't send someone till the end of november! Plus its gona cost me £100. Is there anywhere else I cant go to get the job done hopefully sometime this month. TIA


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can i just ask why you want them moved? they will work wherever won't they?
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Hya bednobs, I've had my home refurbished and Im letting out 2 rooms,one being the front bedroom thats why I need the modem and reuter in my bedroom next door. If anything goes wrong with the computer I dont want to be having to ask to go into the lodgers bedroom. Yeh they work anwhere or so the Virgin bloke told me today.
I am a self employed telephone engineer. you will need to run a new cable and phone socket. you can email me direct : [email protected] and I can give you any advice, or just ask on here..
I'd say asking on here is a better bet, seeing as this is answerbank, not advertise-my-servicesbank.

If it's virgin cable then it's not a phone socket required, you need to extend the co-ax to a new point. not a tricky job and anyone with a bit of knowhow can do it.

If it's a virgin ADSL circuit then it just needs a standard phone extension and you can buy them in places like B&Q and fit it yourself.
not advertising anything, all my advice is totally free and I just thought that , as some prople have no knowledge of phone/broadband circuits that it may have resulted in a lot of questions and answers backwards and forwards.
The idea of the site is for questions and answers to be available for others to see as a reference in case they have the same problems so taking it on to email is not what the site is about.

Anyhow, the most important question for the OP to start with is, is it cable or ADSL?
Hi China dog,
your router, does it plug into what looks like a normal phone type socket with possibly NTL written across it? if so, un plug it and see if it has a normal phone plug connection. let us all know.
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Thanks for your help all. I've got someone from a satellite shop coming over to do the job on thursday and only £50!

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Modem and Reuter.

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