Can't access Skybet on laptop

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ozmeister | 22:11 Tue 13th Sep 2011 | Technology
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Never previously had any problems at all accessing Skybet but over the last week or so the service has been slow / pages won't load etc. I spoke to them and they confirmed that their server is fine but they have had other similar calls from other TalkTalk Broadband users.

Other sites (Bet365 / Ladbrokes / BBC) all load quickly everytime. I have same issue on all laptops & iPhone which suggests the problem is with the router / internet settings etc. Please note I have not adjusted any settings on anything at all my end.

Have reset router / turned off etc. Also checked MTU settings within and these are correct.

Please advise.


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It sounds as if TalkTalk's traffic management policy has got some incorrect settings somewhere. Like other ISPs, TalkTalk deliberately slows some internet traffic down (in order to share out the available capacity fairly between all users):
Somehow or other, Skybet has been listed as among the data sources which should be treated as 'low priority'. You'll need to speak to TalkTalk to see if they can fix the problem.

The only other possibility is browser incompatibility. (Some poorly-coded websites won't load properly in certain browsers). If you're using Internet Explorer (Why?!!! Why?!!! Why?!!!), try using Firefox. If you're using Firefox, try the site in Chrome.

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Cheers Chris for your answer, problem seems to have sorted itself now (no response from Talk Talk), by the way why the downer on IE - is it really that bad ??
Thanks for your reply.

Microsoft are constantly trying to play 'catch up' with other browsers, in terms of reliability, security and flexibility. Loads of surveys have shown that Firefox is vastly more popular than Internet Explorer (where 'popular' is defined in terms of what people actively choose to use, rather than by what they use just because it's already on their PC). Chrome is in a (well-deserved) second place.

Firefox offers the greatest flexibility, in terms of the 'add-ons' available. (e.g. spell-checking with a British dictionary and getting rid of all the ads on sites like this - so that they load much, much faster). Chrome used to be the fastest browser but Firefox is probably now just as fast. (Both are much faster than IE).

To the best of my knowledge, none of the 'regulars' here in AB's Technology section use IE as their main browser. Firefox leads the way, with plenty of support for Chrome as well.


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Can't access Skybet on laptop

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