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Angeliceyes | 16:31 Sun 04th Sep 2011 | Technology
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Hi, don't know if this is the right section, but here goes. I've started selling things on eBay and I have a query about postage labels that you can get via PayPal. I feel really thick for asking but do I print them off on sticky labels, or on normal A4 paper? I'm pretty clueless so advice would be grateful!


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Sticky labels would be ideal, then you can just stick them on the packages - however, I never use them. I just print a despatch note from the PayPal transaction, then go to the PO myself and buy stamps for the item, and make sure to get Proof of Postage in case of no-delivery. You have to go to the PO anyway, so unless you are mailing loads of things, I wouldn't want to pre-label. In any case, it has been known for me to be somewhat "out" in calculating postage so I'd rather be sure that I am paying the right about, by letting the PO weigh and stamp it for me.
^ paying the right AMOUNT..
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Thanks so much!
Not a direct answer to your question but please be aware that proof of posting is not enough. Both PayPal and eBay are only satisfied with proof of delivery, which means sending the item by special/recorded delivery or other trackable means.
If the item is less than 10 times the current price of a first class stamp it is not such a problem - you can claim from the Post Office for non-delivery.

All eBay sellers should be aware of this. If your buyer pays by PayPal, claims non-delivery and you cannot provide a tracking number, your buyer will automatically get a refund.
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OK, dumb question number two...... how do I find the dispatch note? Is that on the PayPal website or eBay?
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Thank you hc4361, it's worth keeping that in mind.
hc - not so - I have had a couple of non-delivery items in my time, I have reported them to the PO and after investigation, the PO have refunded me so I can refund the buyer. No question of doing it via PayPal, no need.

Angel - go to your PayPal account, find the transaction and click on Detail - that takes you to the transaction detail, go to the options down the page and click "print despatch note"
PS I only ever use Proof of Postage unless something is worth more than £40 in which case I use recorded delivery - but that bumps up the price of postage which you have to charge to the buyer. I've never found the need, for lower-value items.
Yes I would like to know this too. I frequently buy from Ebay but would love to learn how to sell too (using not too technical jargon) I have stacks of things waiting to be sold - its just taking the plunge with the admin .......and knowing exactly what to do. Please someone talk me through every stage in a very basic way.......and give me a lesson - my spare room would welcome the space back!
boxtops, that is fine if the item is fairly low value. They will only refund up to 10 times the value of a first class stamp, unless you take out additional insurance. Check their terms and conditions.
Also, the Post Office has the right to contact the recipient and ask them to fill out a form confirming non receipt. If the buyer fails to do so (because he has received it but he is thieving scum) the PO will not pay out.
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Right done that, and the only print options I've got are: "Print Delivery Label" and "Print Packing Slip". Thank you for your patience, boxtops!
print packing slip is the one you needm, angel.

HC - perhaps I've been lucky, my claims have been very few and all have succeeded....

Ann, there is a tutorial on the eBay site which is useful, but first off, you have to take photos of all your items (or a few at a time!) and save them onto your computer. If you then go to the eBay site and click "Sell", the selling templates come up, and they are very easy to follow. Don't forget when calculating postage, to allow for the weight of your packaging too.
Ann86, selling on eBay is very simple.
As a new seller start off with low value items. Very few people will buy high end goods from a 'newbie' with no feedback.
Take good photos of the item and describe it very well, flaws and all.
Pick the right category.
Put the item plus its packaging on the scales so you know how much to charge for postage - check the Post Office site. Be sure not to undercharge - you could lose money.

Many sellers like to gamble and start the bidding at 99p, on the principle this saves fees and encourages bidders. Other sellers prefer to start the listing at the lowest price they are prepared to accept.

Do a practice run with one item that is not too heavy or awkward to pack, so you get a feel for it.
Only post to the address provided by eBay.
Good advice hc - and you might like to restrict your sales to "UK only" until you find your feet.
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Thank you boxtops. Anne - I've found selling on eBay really easy, they prompt you at every step. It's just at this point that I've got stuck!
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Good luck angel and ann - come back and ask again, several of us sell regularly on eBay and we're always happy to help.
Thanks everyone for your sound advice. I do buy a lot on Ebay I'm on 535 at present 100% feedback and I did sell 2 or 3 items about 5 years ago but I forget what to do. I don't know why but I am so nervous at taking the plunge and something happening that I won't know how to deal with. However I know now, there are so many of you kind fellow ABers who will guide me through it - its a great site for advice and friendly people. Will get the pics taken this week - wish me luck! xx
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I should really update this now, I have got the hang of selling on eBay now and I am thoroughly addicted! Thanks everyone who helped me. :-)
well done angel, it does get quite addictive but it's a great way of getting a bit of cash for things you don't want any more!

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