Taping Telephone calls

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Ric.ror | 15:11 Tue 12th Apr 2005 | Technology
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Is it illegal to tape a telephone call if the other person is unaware you are taping it.  A friend hs just had this happen to her at work


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If the tapping has been organised by a government authority, then no.

If by the employer, then it depends. Before saying anything, she should read her contract and staff handbook to see if it's mentioned there - if it is, she hasn't really got much cause for argument. She might also want to ask around - there might have been an announcement about it, that she's forgotten.

If none of the above apply, then yes it is.

There are rules and regulations covering this - specifically the Lawful Business Practice Regulations and the Privacy and Electronic Communications regulations.

Complain to the Information Commissioner at
I think in the workplace it is legal (probably hidden somewhere in some mumbo jumbo) but it may be only for Trading floors etc to combat insider trading.  Not sure about the general workplace though.  As for private calls to your home I would say yes.  It is yoru private line isn't it?  Also worth keeping in mind are the customer services for credit cars etc who say 'we may record this telephone conversation for improved customer services.....etc. etc.

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Taping Telephone calls

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