Dropped a cup of tea on my 32GB iPhone 3GS!

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LimpyLionel | 11:14 Sat 27th Aug 2011 | Technology
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PLEASE HELP. To say I'm gutted is an understatement.


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Don't use it (i.e. don't even switch on) for 48 hours. Might dry out.
Take as much or it apart as you can, leave to dry and hope.
I have it on good authority (from my son) that you should put it in a sealed lunchbox with uncooked rice grains overnight. Don't use it or switch on, as TTG said. Apparently the rice grains will absorb the moisture like the small packets of silica you find in packaging sometimes, ie handbags, etc.

Good luck!
do you have contents insurance? your mobile phone maybe covered under ad (accidential damage) cover
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Ruth - I'm trying that now. Thanks.

Jack Daniels - I bought the phone 18 months back and have no insurance. I think I'm going to have a contract phone if Ruth's idea doesn't work. I really don't want to, though. :-(
Better than rice attracting out the moisture – place the phone in an oven/drier at 50C (120F) overnight. If you do not have access to an oven/drier that can maintain this temperature, consider some other method of warming the phone to this temperature for a prolonged period.

You might be lucky after drying out the phone.
just take out the moveable bits, battery etc dry carefully and dab all the parts you can get to with a dry lintfree cloth. Leave open to dry out naturally; Have a look in your handbook to see if there are any hints or tips. Good luck limpy.
Juan sheet may do it trim.
Should all of the above have failed – carefully dismantle the phone and ‘clean’ the parts affected by gently brushing (using a paint brush) with distilled water. Then dry out once more at 50C/120F.

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Dropped a cup of tea on my 32GB iPhone 3GS!

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