A question about Sky multi room

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LimpyLionel | 15:58 Sun 21st Aug 2011 | Technology
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We had Sky put in the bedroom on Friday but you can't record on it. Would it be possible to swap boxes so the one that records is upstairs?



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When you say you had Sky put in, do you mean an official Sky box and official multiroom installed by Sky?

If so why cant you record?

I would have thought a new box would be a Sky+ box or a Sky+HD box, so you should be able to record (assuming you have a Sky contract).

The only time you cant record is if you let the Sky contract lapse and just have "free to air" channels, then you lose the record features off the Sky box.

But to answer your specific question, yes you should be able to swap boxes (as long as you keep the same Sky card in the Sky box as it will be paired with the box).

I have multiroom and had a fault on one of my Sky boxes a few months ago. To prove it was the box rather than the cables I swapped the boxes round (keeping the same Sky card in the box) and they both worked as "normal" (apart from the fault of course but that was nothing to do with moving the boxes).
Out of interest we have Sky Multiroom and can't record upstairs or down. I thought that was a Sky+ feature?
>>>>I thought that was a Sky+ feature?

It is a Sky+ feature, but as the posters just had it fitted I assumed it was a Sky+ box.

Of course thinking about it they could have moved the old (non Sky+) box from downstairs when they had multiroom fitted. Thinking about it thats what I did before changing it to a Sky+ box.

So if that is what has happened in this case then YES you can swap the boxes between upstairs and downstairs and the new box should allow you to record upstairs.
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VHG - Yes, everything official. We had a separate dish put in, too, because we live in an appartment, and the box in the living room comes from a communal dish.

The box doesn't record because it's a different box, a smaller one; it's black.

Thanks for the help.
If the new box is a smaller one, and is black, it may be a Sky+ HD box. I think Sky fit Sky+HD boxes every time nowadays even if the person is not HD.

Can you look at the front of the box and say what writing is on the front.

Does it look like this


If so it is a Sky+ HD box and I think if you have a full Sky contract you should be able to record.

Before moving boxes around I would ring Sky.

btw What happens if you try to record?
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That black box shown, is the one we have downstairs, or in the living room, rather.

This is the box with have in the bedroom, and it is HD, but doesn't record. Even the Sky man who fixed it for us, told us this. They told us before, to be fair:

So it's just a case of swapping the boxes round.

You all need to read this ..

I take it you only have ONE cable feed to the bedroom Sky box inout?
^ *input
It seems Sky have brought out a box called the SkyHD box that cannot record (no "+" in the name). It seems this is the one you have.

You can see it on this page here (the two on the left)

I assume it is cheaper to get this box than the Sky+HD box.

Note that when I said I moved my boxes around that was between cables coming from the SAME satellite dish.

But from what you say you have two different satellite dishes (the one for your flats and this new one).

And I am not sure if you can move a Sky box beween different satellite dishes (I have never done it).

The Sky box may be linked to the actual satellite dish so cant be moved to another satellite dish.

If you do move it let us know how it goes.
Albags has a good point (see the forum he has linked to).

A Sky+ box has to have TWO Sky cables plugged into it. This is so you can record two programs at once or record one program and watch another.

But your NEW Sky box may only have ONE cable going in to it, if the record option is not there.

So unless you have two cables coming from your new satellite dish to your new Sky box you WONT be able to use the Sky+ box with it and record.
One extra thing.

Sky seem to be giving a free Sky+ box when you take out Sky TV, so I wonder why the gave you a NON record box when a Sky+ box is free for new customers at the moment.

See here
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Thanks for the help anyway. Much appreciated.

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