battery for digital camera help please..

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looobylooo | 22:58 Wed 10th Aug 2011 | Technology
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hi all,
can anyone help please?

i have an olympus digital camera,
have had it a couple of years but hasnt been used all that much.

recently, after mimimal use of the camera, ive noticed the lithium battery (LI-42B) goes flat very quickly. much quicker than it used to.

i attempt to charge the battery up,
but after about half an hour the red light on the charger goes out, as if the battery is fully charged (normally takes a few hours)

and if i try inserting the battery again into the charger to try and continue charging, the red light goes out after a few seconds.
which means the battery remains only partially charged for when i next want to use it... grrrr...

so, do you think i need to buy a new charger, or a new battery?

and if its a new battery, do i buy an olympus branded one, or..?
and how much would i expect to pay please?

thank you very much to anyone that can offer any help/advice! :o)


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just google the battery you want, I bought one this morning for £4.11 from Amazon for my Olympus. loads of sites selling them.
Does your camera have a 'battery discharge' function? If it does use it to ensure the battery is completely flat before charging. According to literature Lithium cells have no memory effect but this might be worth trying before buying new battery.
You need a new battery.

Inov8 is a well-respected brand. Their batteries will be just as good as the Olympus branded ones. (They might even be the same batteries, since I doubt that Olympus actually make their own batteries):

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thank you ratter, scotman and chris for responding to my post, much appreciated :o)

scotman, erm im not too sure if it has or not..? but i will see if i can find out.

im surprised i need a new battery already, beings ive not used the camera all that much.

(a little while i did read that it could be dirty connector points(?) on the charger and to clean them with a cotton bud, which i did, and it seemed to improve the charging time the next time i used it, but not now)

the batteries sound as though theyre cheaper than i expected, so i will get one, and if i still have the same problem after that, i will just have to buy a new charger. so thanks ratter and chris, i will have a look on amazon.


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battery for digital camera help please..

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