Is there a SmartboardXP Software hotkey replacement ?

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sarah_louise | 09:47 Tue 19th Jul 2011 | Technology
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I have used an excellent utility to called SmatboardXP to insert saved text, email addresses, passwords using keyboard combinations.
It keeps crashing using Windows 7 reporting "Invalid Index" and becomes unusable.
Re-installation does not fix it.
Can anyone recommend anything similar freeware or payware ?


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At a guess, it installs both programs and data into the Program Files folder, which is a definite no-no in Win7.

Try reinstalling it into a folder such as C:\SmartboardXP, avoiding the Program Files folder
Not something I use, but there might be something in this list: http://download.cnet....s/clipboard-software/

This may do: http://www.cybermatri.../clipboard_magic.html

Or try a Google search for "clipboard extender".
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Thanks to both of you.
I will try your suggestions.
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I gave in after trying to re-install but came up with an excellent replacement called CLCL and it is Freeware. What I like is the ability to assign hotkeys to all the text saved with the template folder. It was recommended by ComputerActive magazine this month.

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Is there a SmartboardXP Software hotkey replacement ?

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