What is this cable used for?

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LimpyLionel | 19:19 Sun 17th Jul 2011 | Technology
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the electric chair -could be most useful and not sure whether to capitalise it or not.
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Ah - I've found this: http://www.divineaudi...-5-metre/prod_26.html

So, could I plug that lead into my iPhone, and then plug that lead into my amp?
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DT - You should be a comedian.
Both of the cables are, as you seem to have worked out, 3.5mm stereo jack to twin RCA (phono) plugs.

Your suggested use makes perfect sense (assuming, of course, that your amp has an RCA input).
no u cant plug your i phone in it has to have an iphone connection which has three parts to the input plug not two you can buy these adaptors on Amazon
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Can you give me some examples for what you would use that cable for (same cable both pictures) please?
One would be to connect a stereo output from a walkman or portable player with this size jack into an amp stereo input pair.
Another would be to connect OUT on a PC soundcard with this size connection into an amp/tape input
Another would be to connect a portable camcorder stereo sound output to a TV input or other amp.

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What is this cable used for?

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