binatone a350 sat nav --- maps update

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wilkesneil | 19:59 Thu 30th Jun 2011 | Technology
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i have the following sat nav and would like to know how to update the map software on it. it does have a sd memeory card slot but not sure where to get the download from or if i need anything installed on the memory card to get the maps to install.

any help would be super...


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I have updated maps from other satnavs by simply connecting the satnav to a pc then going to the distributor/ manufacturers website and following the instrucions.
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i shall try it, i presumed you downloaded then installed. never done it so didnt know where to start
The website should download it straight to the built in memory or sd card via a USB cable.
Binatone seems to have got two of the world's worst websites. Going to this one
doesn't produce any obvious answers but it does, at least, enable one to download the user guide for your device. That, in turn, says to go here for updates
The relevant information still doesn't exactly leap off the page. However, going via the site map, it's eventually possible to get to a 'Downloads' page. Having done all of that, clicking on what appears to be the required download simply gets a Word document which has the following as its entire content:
"Map update and upgrade service
If you wish to update to the latest available map or to upgrade to Western Europe or Full Europe then please contact the helpline via email on or to call the helpline on 0845 345 9677"

So why couldn't they have simply put that in the user guide (and/or on either or both of the websites) in the first place?

If they're as good at answering emails as they are at telling you how to contact them in the first place, I strongly recommend using the phone number rather than the email address!

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chris u are a legend m8, i think itll be less hassle to just buy a new one rather than keep ringing and searching for something. i was on and thought the net had crashed as i got a white screen with very little on the page.
I have been searching for an answer to exactly the same question! A few days ago I contacted Binatone ( Have just received a reply; they can supply the update for the A350 for £32.99! The satnav needs to be sent away (takes up to 14 working days) for this to happen. Unbelieveable.
Obviously a bunch of crooks, Bally thing only cost me £15 in the first place!
Download and install For Windows PC guides you with basic steps Google Play Store App is a prize bucket of applications that.

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binatone a350 sat nav --- maps update

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