Firefox up-date.

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anotheoldgit | 14:46 Sat 25th Jun 2011 | Technology
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Firefox keep telling me to update a critical update, but says I will loose certain add-ons if I do.

Should I loose these and make the update?


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I had this yesterday, but solved it through -


Specifically - "Search for updates or fixes from the add-on developer"

I'm unsure how easy it would be to go back to an older version, but one of the tech whizzes will know...

Surely you mean "lose" not "loose".

Loose means baggy or illfitting (opposite of tight), "lose" is the opposite of win or gain.

Youngsters today eh, cant spell !
Update and wait for updated addon(s) Firefox will make available and update it when available.
If addon is CRITICAL for you .. go to addons page and take a look at versions. Then stick with Firefox version until there is update available.
Sometimes you can get a new addon from maker's website before Mozilla tells you it's available.
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Thanks very much Lie-in King and AlBags, for your very informative answers.

To VHG I say please don't bring 'News Section' unpleasantness onto 'Technology'.

If you can't offer a hand of help to a person, just do not bother.

You never know you may require help yourself one day.
Firefox will tell you which add-ins wont work.
Post the names of them here because i have had the same but edited two add-on scripts to make them work in Firefox 5.
... like modifying the rtf file in Date Picker/Calendar to make it work with 5 (which it does)

I doubt there is much our friend needs that is not served by an update.
Save the .xpi file of the addon you wish to use.
Rename this .xpi to .zip
Extract the .rtf file from inside zip and delete the original .. open .rtf and modify version min/max values as reqd
Add new modified version of .rtf to the .zip
Rename zip back to xpi
Load Addon to Firefox from Addons screen.
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Thanks so much.

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Firefox up-date.

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