Bigseekpro taken over my IE 8 Home Page

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sarah_louise | 10:59 Sat 25th Jun 2011 | Technology
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I seem to have my default Google UK homepage being changed over to a different and what seems to be a useless Search Engine.
I think BigSeekPro is within the URL.
I clicked on IE then Tools then Manage add Ons and removed it from the search engines leaving only Google and Bing.
Ran MalwareBytes nothing found but it keeps re-appearing.
Any information is welcome ?


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can't you do a reset to an earlier time to get rid?
Did you read that question update on jno's link?
'How do i turn off parental lock on my blackberry curve?'
Hope that's not a kid with a blackberry curve, serves the parents right for letting a kid have one.
this parent wouldn't have the faintest idea what a blackberry curve is.
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the answer seems to have been removed on your askmefast link.
I have removed a toolbar that also appeared and rebooted and so far it is back to Google.
Still no idea where it came from as i am the only user on this PC.

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Bigseekpro taken over my IE 8 Home Page

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