Apple iBook's or Laptop

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funkylad20 | 01:58 Mon 28th Mar 2005 | Technology
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Whats the preferences generally....?  Need to get one, can't decide...Apple looks kinda funly, but general laptops are more 'normal'...


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It's purely personal preference. In terms of power, ease of use etc. there's not really a significant difference. If you want to pay a bit extra for something that looks like it came from ToysRUs, get the Apple.
It depends on whether you will be comfortable using the Mac OS and what software you already possess. If you want to use existing Microsoft-compatible software, then don`t buy the Apple.
Most of the software that can be bought for a PC can also be had for a mac as well. If not, Virtual PC is the go.
If you go for a Windows Based Laptop, be sure to get an Athlon64, This will enable you to upgarde to Windows Longon if they release it.
iBooks are more the cheaper version of the G4 Range, There fine to use (I have one myself). They are generally more user friendly than Windows XP, and are MUCH more secure.
Mac OS X Has far less security holes, gets a lot less spyware and malware than a PC.
Just keep that in mind when your looking for a decent lappy.
Dont go for the apple mac
Have you ever used Mac OS X?
I've had my 15" iBook for 3+ years and it has never crashed in all that time. Not once.

I use it for business as well as pleasure, and I stick it in my regular backpack and carry it everywhere as it is so light and tough.

You will always get PC users slagging of Macs, and Mac users slagging off PCs. I'm just telling you what the history of my computer is.

If you're going to use your laptop as a portable piece of equipment (ie. a working tool) then I personally would thoroughly recommend an iBook/Power Book for it's size, light weight and sturdiness. If you don't plan on moving it much and want to use Windows software, get a PC notebook. Good luck!

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Apple iBook's or Laptop

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