Missing or corrupt file. What's Wrong?

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turquoise | 00:56 Mon 28th Mar 2005 | Technology
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Hi, i've had this problem for the second time now. I wanted to use the computer and my computer wouldn't load and it said this:

windows will not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


and then it says: you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-Rom. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

My bro said he did that and nothing happened.

So in order to make my comp work, i had to wipe out the whole computer for the second time so i lost everything (luckily i saved important files on usb), like wiping out a virus and restart the whole system. I have an Advent computer and it's happened to me twice on this comp and i only bought it in Dec. My last comp which was a HP was fine. I use Windows XP.

So what i want to know is:

What the hell is wrong with my comp?

What is this file?

Is it some sorta virus? As it's happened to me twice.

Thanks guys, you're the best!



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The error message if I am correct looks like this,


Two options:

To fix the "windows\system32\config\system file is mising or corrupt" where
Xp wont boot:

Go to Recovery Console and type:

cd system32\config
ren system system.old
ren system.alt systemalt.old
copy c:\windows\repair\system
copy c:\windows\repair\regback\system

Recover from a Corrupted Registry Preventing Win XP from Starting;EN-US; q307545


In the Recovery Console:

Type cd sytem32\config , and then press ENTER.
Type dir system , and then press ENTER.

Depending on your error message, use as follows:

Next type: ren software software.bak and then press ENTER.


type ren system system.bak and then press ENTER.

Next type:

copy c:\windows\repair\software , and then press ENTER.


copy c:\windows\repair\system , and then press ENTER.

Exit, reboot.

The fact that the problem is recurring could be because you haven`t sufficient virus/malware protection as there are several Trojans which affect system configuration such as:-




Follow Nutski`s advice to get your PC up and running again properly, then make sure you have adequate protection installed which, incidentally, new PCs rarely have as they normally ship with demo or time-limited A/V programmes and no protection against malware.

The most likely cause of the problem is an impending hard disk failure - it rarely has anything to do with malware. Make sure you have a good set of backups.

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Missing or corrupt file. What's Wrong?

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