Mouse stopped working.

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netibiza | 12:21 Tue 17th May 2011 | Technology
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I have Windows xp, and using Firefox, suddenly my cordless mouse has stopped working, I have changed the batteries and pressed the red button, but still not working. Have rebooted the system but still nothing, its a Labtech. I've tried another usb mouse and that's no good, and also another cordless mouse (NGS) and nothing! Help please.


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Try a different USB port.
Oh and wait too...

It will take a couple of minutes to detect the mouse and install the drivers, don't expect it to work instantly.
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I did use a different usb port but will try again.
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The mouses (?) light up but will not move onscreen.

Told you before, they're not real mice, stop trying to stuff cheese down them!
I had a similar problem yesterday with a new cordless. I used a different USB port. This then said that the mouse was detected on the screen. I then had to synch the mouse by pressing the USB stick button and the on/off button under the mouse until the latter flashed. Then it worked.
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Its Ok I've pressed another red button on something hanging out of the back of the tower and its working again, Many thanks guys x
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yes grasscarp, that's roughly what I had to do. Never had one before that had buttons to press!!
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That B00 is everywhere bl**dy where!!!!

Yep, when you reconnect the mouse to the receiver you have to press the button on both of them :)
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Grrr, I like plug and play, none of this high technology nonsense...........................
<passes Neti, chalkboard, chalk and abacus>

There ya go

Runs >>>>>>>>>>>>

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Mouse stopped working.

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