Itunes are over runnig my computer -help

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woozer | 10:18 Sun 15th May 2011 | Technology
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Hi - My son, my daughter and I all have I tunes accounts but only one computer between us. I cannot upgrade my memory any more it is maxed out. There is now so much music and film stored that my computer is grumbling to a halt. I am not a computer buff - is there somewhere else that we can store our Itunes stuff - my broadband supplier is currently TAlkTalk but I could change.


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Get yourself an external hardrive and transfer it all to that, they can be picked up really cheap nowadays.
Your computer memory has nothing to do with where you store files. Storage is done on your hard disk(s).
Daffy's suggestion is still good though about using external hard disks to store files.
Keep an eye open in Aldi`s Stores for a 50gb for £50.00
and there's always CDs and DVDs?????
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Hi - thanks for your answers - memory is probably the wrong word but whatever the word should be it wont hold any more :-) So, if I buy an external hard drive I can store all the music and film on that and then will I still be able to transfer tunes etc to my ipod and download stuff from the apple store onto the external disk (assuming I get a big enough one ?) ?
yes its a hard drive but plugged in your usb socket
Keep an eye open in Aldi`s Stores for a 50gb for £50.00 '
That's a bit expensive you can buy one 20 times this size for less than this

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Itunes are over runnig my computer -help

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