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BuzzNitemare | 10:30 Tue 10th May 2011 | Technology
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When you sent a text and get the message ' Delivered to Bla Blah ' does that mean that the person has actually rceived the message or just that it's left your phone? If a person's phone is out of credit or disconnected because they haven't paid their bill is the message kept somewhere and sent on to them when their phone is up and running again?

Sorry for being so thick but in my mind the whole text messaging service is run by clangers out of a magic post office.


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It means it's been picked up on their handset.

But th still might not have actually read it.
I always work on the basis that "a message sent isn't necessarily a message received".
If it's important I always request confirmation of receipt.
^ also SMS have a time to live (or validity period) and during that time the message service centre will keep trying to deliver the message to a phone that's out of service, after the time to live is up the message will not be delivered.

On some phones/networks you can set the message validity period yourself, on others it's set by the network and the time varies.
When I went through a stage a few years back of never being able to pay my phone bill, resulting in it being disconnected I was always still able to receive calls and texts.
Mousey ...

Set your "Message Settings" to "Delivery Report" - "Yes"

Then, at least you know when the text is received on the recipient's handset.

I've got a pal who lives in a dodgy signal area. I can send her text messages, and nothing happens. Then she gets a bit of signal, and her phone picks up all her messages, and I get a whole load of delivery reports.
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okay, thanks

It's very likely this person is ignoring me, it's also very likely she hasn't paid her phone bill and been disconnected again - I'm just trying to work out which is the most likely at the moment.
Why don't you phone them?
Thanks jj.
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She doesn't have a land line, ummmm, and my husband tried phoning her mobile last week and it went straight to answer service. He left a message but she hasn't called back.
when i first set my delivery reports i was quite surprised by just how many dont get delivered for days and days or even at all...i wonder how many relationships, jobs, friendships etc have been lost because of person feeling snubbed, so snubbing the other who has no idea...

and i live in a town so no problems with signal generally
You know if it's been cut off there is a chance she can't receive her voice mails either.
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That's true, joko. I'd like this person to know we're at least trying to ge in touch.

I know that, ummmm, but sometimes even when her phone is on she can go weeks without returning calls. It's a long story but think we'll just have to leave it just now - she knows where we are if she wants to speak to us.
That's a shame. How about a letter?
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I'm starting to feel like Mollykins giving a 'yeah, but' response to everything you suggest, lol, but we don't actually have a current address for her, although I'm sure we could find it. I've never been to the place she got last year but my husband ( it's his sister ) has a couple of times - he never thought to write down her address though, and now she's dropped off the radar. Due to a family falling out we're not in touch with anybody else that could give us her details.

Don'tcha just love families!
Since the sender pays, I'd be surprised if a blocked phone wasn't still sent calls and texts.It'd be initiated calls & texts that'd be barred.

Aye the delivered message tends to come back so fast I assume that the network has the text, but actual delivery to the specified number will occur when the phone is contactable (time-outs aside).
Lol...did you just read the thread McFluff posted....haha

You'll just have to give it time then. You've tried your hardest x
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Lol, ummmm, I hadn't read it when I posted - I hope Mollykins isn't like Beetlejuice and if her name gets said 3 times she appears.

Thanks, Old_Geezer, the message I sent yesterday actually took about an hour for the 'Delivered to ' message to come up. That's why I wondered if it could have been hovering somewhere until she turned her phone on.
Just a question. How do you actually set your messages settings to let you know a message has been delivered. I use an iphone but can't see anything in settings re this.
not sure as i dont have an iphone, but have a good look through sms settings etc, it will be there...or try an online usermanual
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spotit3, my phone is a battered old nokia but in the ' messages ' bit there is a section called ' message setting '. From there I can set it to show a delivery report or not. I don't know if iPhone will be the same but, as Joko said, just go in and have a poke around to see if you can find something.

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