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luckystrike | 17:37 Thu 24th Mar 2005 | Technology
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How do I go about typing a link, but have it as the word here.

For example, I want to write "click here" rather than "click"



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1. Use Internet Explorer
2. Copy the address is full (including the http://) from the other page/window which I'm assuming that you have displaying it (right click on the address bar and choose copy)
3. Paste it into the "Post an Answer" box in AB and if it doesn't turn blue, press enter so that it does.
4. Highlight this blue link and (without pressing delete) type the word which you want to appear as the link. Just type right over the top of it and your new word will be a hyperlink.

Happy linking.
< a href="lunkurl" > word </ a >

without the spaces between then "<" and ">"

should come out as <a href="linkurl">word</a>
oh screw it, ab doesn't understand html now? nice.

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