printer not recognising new cartridges

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oracle39 | 22:41 Tue 29th Mar 2011 | Technology
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£45 for new cartridges and the printer keeps saying they still need replacing. I tried pulling out the power cord and letting it rest but still same message. Lexmark x6690 anyone know what to do? Pleeeeease


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did you remove the protectiin strips before installing them?
Are they actually Lexmark cartridges or did you buy cheaper ones. I did and the Lexmark printer will only recognise actual Lexmark cartridges. I would never buy another Lexmark printer as their cartridges are so expensive.
I'd imagine they are genuine at £45.

Can you check your Control Panel/Printers/ Right click/Properties ?
Not sure what to look for but you might be able to reset something. Or troubleshoot.

If no luck there you could google Lemark cartidge not recognised and see if any of the listings help/.
Maidup, he did say cartridges, in the plural, not £45 for one.
The printer may be telling you that they need replacing but have you tried to print something with the new cartridges??
If they print OK then carry on printing and ignore the message on the screen.
You'll soon know when they run out without being told about it.

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printer not recognising new cartridges

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