Blue screen only when lap top starts up

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cherrybakewell | 22:31 Tue 29th Mar 2011 | Technology
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Can anyone help please. Daughters laptop (only few months old) has a problem. She switches it on, then only a blue screen comes on. No error messages, so its not the blue screen of death, that we googled. It worked fine until yesterday btw. All help appreciated


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When the blue screen appears .. you think that is the log-in screen?
Try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys and see if a login screen comes up.
Take it from there.
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Tried that Albags, nothing happens
Is anything shown on the screen at all?
Is it the pale blue one?
Are you using XP, Vista or 7?
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it says BOOTMGR is missing, press CTL ALT and Del to restart
Any post messages before the blue screen? and what can you hear?

TBH, sounding like a dislodged video cable.
or not :)
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Thanks Chuck. I pressed ctrl alt and del, but its brought back same message.
What OS? I asked before.
Do you have an XP Disc .. or a Recovery disc?

2 ways I know of .. and just checked on web ...
1/ insert windows xp disk boot it up get to the recovery console
2/ type (caps on) bootcfg hit enter
3/ type (caps on) bootcfg /default
then restart computer

Or ...
BOOTMGR is missing
Press ctl+alt+del to restart"

turn computer off completely
Hold the "alt" and "Fn" down and power computer back on
While computer is powering on tap the "F10" key
(you need to hit the F10 key on the black screen with the cursor just before the BOOTMGR error appears)
You should get a screen that says "Windows programs Loading"
And then you have to run a restore to factory defaults (this means the computer will work fine once it finishes up the restore, but everything saved on the computer will be lost)
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Sorry Albags, We have Windows 7, already installed on pc. We don't have any disks with it.. I just tried what you suggested and it brought up InsydeH20 Setup Utility. With a menu on it. Think I may need to go to PC world!
Remove the battery & boot up - could be static ?
Yep ...
Take it back.
There could be a serious problem there. Well .. there certainly is if you can't start Windows!
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Thanks Tamborine, we tried that. AlBags, took it to PC World. Hard drive is corrupted, Sending it off to be repaired. Thank you for your help

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Blue screen only when lap top starts up

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