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keyplus90 | 20:30 Wed 29th Dec 2010 | Internet
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Hi, I want to connect my new laptop with the wireless router I have. Laptop shows me my name under available connections but of course it needs password which obviously I have forgotten as my other laptop connects automatically. How can I find out my password?


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Firstly look for stickers on your router, if it's never been changed from the default you may find it there...

If you can't find it there then please post the make and model of your router.
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ChuckFickens - Always there to help and quick response,Thanks.

I just looked around and found a number written in one of my diary and that did work. I muct have written there and forgotton.
Glad it's working.

If it's not too rude, may I ask you for your opinion on this thread.
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Sorry for the delay as I went out for a little walk after my dinner. I did not read all the responses but after reading the news repost I stopped where it mentioned the name of Mr Anjem Chaudhery. That man (and his handful recruits)are just popularity sicko and media gives them pleasure. It did not give me any concern if someone wants to wear Burkha according to as much I know about Islam.
Thank you for your reply KP.
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no prob thanks

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Wireless Password

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