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Etienne62 | 12:19 Wed 29th Dec 2010 | Internet
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I have recently received some emails with video attachments with the file extension .dat
When I try to play them I get a message "you do not have the required codec to play this type of file"
When I try to find the codec, I get " windows could not find the required codec"
Does anyone know what it is and where I can get it?


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.dat is just a generic file extension meaning data. You will need to get in touch with the sender and find out what sort of files they are supposed to be (.avi .mp4 and so on)
In VCD’s, the MPEG stream is stored as a .dat file. You should be able to simply rename from .dat to .mpg and the movie should load and play in Windows Media Player.
And, if they don't play in WMP after following Naz's suggestion, try the free VLC Media Player which will play almost anything you throw at it.
This .dat files, are they called winmail.dat by any chance?

If so they are not video files at all, they are files containing the formatting of the email for use in Microsoft outlook (and outlook express) only, they are of no use or relevance if you are using any other mail system

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File Extension .dat

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