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searchlight | 19:24 Thu 04th Nov 2010 | Internet
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On free skype calls via broadband when you log on and click on a contact who is showing offline or invisible or busy or away or do not disturb does skype automatically leave a marker telling that person the time and date when you had clicked on their name? Put simpler does the person who was unavailable know you had been online and clicked on their name?


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If you have ticked showing offline or invisible they wouldnt know you were on-line if thats what you mean.

Oh, and they wouldnt know you clicked on their name.
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thanks for the answer trt, I tick offline or invisible then I won't leave a trace just one other point if you know the answer, are offline and invisible different in status?
Clicking on a name never leaves a trace whatever the status of you both.
You either have to press the green call icon or put text in the box and click send for them to know you've tried to contact them.

Offline means you can't be contacted at all or contact other people - your skype is in effect switched off.
Invisible means you appear to be offline to others but you can in fact use all of skype's functions - call or message people.
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thanks hc4361 for your answer and thanks to anyone else who replies

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