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deggers316 | 11:01 Mon 16th Aug 2010 | Internet
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i have an air con unit which as advised is more or less in a sealed room (air wise) the outlet pipe is well sealed too, so when the unit is cooling air is drawn from the room over the coolers and blown back out into the room ,but the bottom half of the unit also pulls air from the room and out of the pipe through the window when cooling is in operation to pass over the heated gas pipes,
so where does this air come from if the room is sealed as much as possible to make the air con more efficient ? it is noticeably harder to close the door when going out of the room when cooling is in operation as it trying to pull air in to pass over the heated gas pipes and through the window if the room is supposed to be sealed how can it do that without leaving the door slightly ajar


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sorry that should have gone into "how it works"
"is more or less in a sealed room"

More or less isn't sealed, there will be air leaks all around the windows, doors probably edges of the ceilings, through the floorboards etc etc. if it's very well sealed then you will create a slight negative pressure inside the room until such time as there is enough pressure difference between the inside and outside that air is forced through any little gaps it can find/open up and the negative pressure in the room will then stay at that level.

though I wouldn't want to spend to much time in any room that is that well sealed even as it is now, it would get really stuffy in there really quickly.

(is it a internet controlled AC unit?)
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my windows are a new double glazed unit and the supplied adaptor with the air con vent pipe gives a very tight seal the floor is concrete as is the ceiling's a flat
what i am asking if it was sealed as they say it should be as much as possible how would the unit function properly if couldn't get enough air over the heated gas pipes to vent outside surely it would overheat and breakdown

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air con query

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