gawab -Password request , OE using Xp

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Puzzled001 | 10:30 Fri 02nd Apr 2010 | Internet
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Hi, I keep getting requested to supply my password with one of my email accounts. (gawab), the others work ok.Is it just that this site is undergoing maintainence or something my end ??Worked ok till this morning. Any pointers please, Gary


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There appears to be a temporary server problem with Gawab. (There seems to be no such thing as a 100% reliable email service. Hotmail frequently 'locks up' and even the mighty Gmail has problems from time to time. Gawab is one of the best but, as you've found out, it isn't perfect).

Unusually, Gawab's web-based service seems to have been hit by the same fault as the POP3 service (which OE uses) but I'd be extremely surprised if the problem isn't fixed by the end of the day.

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Thanks for that Chris, thought it unusual , will sit back and wait for it to clear,at least I now know it's not something I've done ! Gary
I've not been able to get my mail from Gawab either ... thought I'd leave it until now, before asking if anyone else has the same problem..
Looks like I'm not alone.
Thats answered my next question!
Late night/early morning update. (See posting time!).

The Gawab website is still down (presumably while their techies sort out the problems) but POP3 access (through email clients, such as Outlook Express) has now been restored.

Further update:
Web access now restored.
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Now all up and working again, thanks all for your input, gary

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gawab -Password request , OE using Xp

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