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Grandpappy | 13:29 Sat 06th Feb 2010 | Internet
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I've just started using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email program and my question is: "Where are my emails (in & out) stored/saved and can I copy them to another storage/disk area,like an external hard disk or onto a memory key,etc.?"
I know I can set up my own folders etc., and send or move mail to them, but how do I then copy/save/move those folders so that I can use them if I'm NOT online and wanted to include them into a document or letter?
Is there a method in Thunderbird for doing this and is it within the ability of a novice?
(I must be the oldest novice I know!!!)



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click start > run type in %appdata% and hit enter, double click on the thunderbird folder and then on the profiles folder and there will be a folder in there called a random set of letters and numbers followed by .default, backup that folder.
I don't use Thunderbird myself, but you should find your received messages in your Inbox and the ones you have sent in your Sent box.
To save your messages to another folder go to "File" - "Export" - "Messages". This should then ask you to name a folder to send them to.
If you haven't already done so you will need to create a new folder in your Documents folder first.

Hope this helps.
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Mail Storage.

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